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How to SEE Light Molecules

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Petals Unfolding

Thank goodness that download was brief!

OK! The way I see Light Molecules is easy. First, they look like tadpoles or sperm and they are tiny. I believe how I see them is when a property within them, reflects the light from the Sun. I see them when they MOVE. DANCE. And there are so many of them, an infinite number of them.

Do not look towards the Sun. Either have your back to the Sun, or have the Sun to one of your sides. Look up towards the sky. Soften your gaze. Remember daydreaming in school? When you just let go of thought, and all awareness of what is around you, and just went into your own little world?

That is very similar to how I see Light Molecules.

I look at the clouds, and begin to “feel” the wonder of what I am seeing. I soften my gaze…

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