Awakening to The Pink Ray of Love

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Mother’s Message

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Petals Unfolding


Channeled by ALee

“Dear one. Look at me now and know this. Look into my eyes and feel this. Feel my arms wrapped around you in strength and comfort. I will hold you as you go forth and multiply. Multiply love.

Your culture has taught you that love is giving away everything of yourself to others. This is not the truth. The truth is that one must love oneself first. One must be whole and full within before being able to express real love to another. How can one give something that they do not have? How can one express something that they do not know?

This is the real power of the feminine energy that is growing in your earthly plane now. The power of self love. When each being knows love for itself in its own heart, then that love will overflow to all others. For we are…

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