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Renaissance of the Heart…

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Judith Kusel

1231226_406000546190121_1066850899_nWhen the Earth emerges from the time-warp she was in, for 72 000 years and now moves into the expanded time which is the true cosmic time, this brings about immense changes from inner core heart of the planet, and most of all the core heart of the cosmic whole.
I sometimes don’t quite know what to call this bubble of amnesia that the Earth and collective whole were in, for within our sinking deeper and deeper into the 3D and core of forgetfulness, we lost so many of our higher talents, abilities and inner seeing.
A lot of this has to do with the deliberate brain washing the collective went through, but also that phase of truly descending into the underworld, the world of Hades. The darkness, that phase where the Light hardly comes in, and there is that sense of dying and decay. It was the phase when…

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