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Our Intuitive Abilities can be a Trap

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Awakening Journey


Since my Kundalini rising, my intuitive life has changed dramatically.  Prior to my Kundalini rising, I  was an intuitive child. Most children who are abused have these intuitive abilities because we need it for survival.  We sense how our abusers feel and how they may react toward us.  We are forced to use our intuitive abilities out of necessity.

Since the rise of my Kundalini, I have a keener sense of events about to happen sometimes immediately before they occur.  Sometimes, when I know something will not happen, I will plan other activities instead.  I sense when someone will cancel our get-together, so I will text them so I can make other plans. I have experienced lucid dreams about complete strangers, where I experience an entire lifetime with them in one dream, so I know how they will truly behave toward me and others.

I have been seeing visions of…

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