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Heavenletter #4752 Climb the Heights of Love and Never Fall Off , November 28, 2013

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Sirian Heaven


God said:

If you cannot believe in yourself, at least believe in Me. What are you fearful of losing if you transfer your belief in trouble to belief in Me? You would gain awareness of My Presence, and you would lose the fear of loss and your belief in loss. What can you lose when you have Me ticking in your heart or beating a tom-tom that resounds through your reflective heart and through the soul of the world? When you have Me deep in your consciousness, how necessary are these other fleeting awarenesses?

It is one thing to want. It is another thing for you to have to have. You sometimes feel you have to have love from this one or that one when you do not, and, yet, you are inconsolable.

Truly, beloveds, the outside world is nice and meaningful and engaging, something like TV, yet you don’t…

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