Awakening to The Pink Ray of Love

Sharing what resonates with me Love & Light

The welcome that awaits you is unprecedented, utterly magnificent.

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Johnsmallman's Blog

Here in the spiritual realms we are observing with joy your excellent progress towards your awakening.  Your task remains to focus on holding the intent for humanity to awaken as divinely planned and intended.  You can really have no idea how effective you have all become at holding that intent, and because of that it is going to happen.  Remember, Love, God does not impose, does not override your free will, but It embraces you joyously when you open yourselves to receive what is always on offer.

Your collective separation induced and constant fear has become deeply ingrained, and that is why, now that you have chosen to leave the illusion behind you, it appears to you that your awakening is taking so long to achieve.  That fear is the fear of abandonment, by God!  You, as humanity, attempted to separate yourselves from Him, thought that you could and did…

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