Awakening to The Pink Ray of Love

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Do not give up on yourselves, God never does.

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The Oneness, the inclusiveness of Reality, enveloped in and embraced by our loving Source, is beyond comprehension, especially when you are experiencing the restrictions and limitations that a human body imposes upon you.  It is an ever ongoing consciousness experience that totally satisfies every conceived need and desire while offering each aspect of Itself infinite creative possibilities in every eternal moment.

None of the joys of your earthly existence can give you even the remotest idea of what your heavenly Father has created for your eternal exhilaration.  Cultivate your quiet and secluded inner space where you can make contact with the spiritual realms.  Visit it regularly, it is where your true Self and all your guides and mentors dwell who are always available for contact with you.  It is as close as you can get to Reality while still embodied, and that can be amazingly close.

It is very important…

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