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Cosmic Law 3: The Law of Request

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Judith Kusel


Have you ever had someone making a decision for you, without letting you know?  When you were presented with the whole thing afterwards, was there not a measure of resentment, that you were never asked whether you wanted this or not in your life?

The Law of request, states that every soul has free will and choice.  It is given a framework, or master plan to live in while on this planet called Earth.  Therefore it has the freedom to do and to be, as it wills.

This is also the Law of Non-Interference with the free will of others.  

I often get asked why the Intergalactic Fleet does not interfere with the earth – they may not contravene this basic law.  If they are asked to this, with the free will and the full support of governments of the earth, then that is a different matter.  


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