Awakening to The Pink Ray of Love

Sharing what resonates with me Love & Light


Awakening to the beautiful Pink Ray of Love

I woke up one morning and was guided to the window

I felt drawn to look at the sun

I noticed a flowing energy forming and flowing on my left side

next think I knew it was right over me, it felt so warm and loving

I then proceeded to go downstairs not knowing what was awaiting me there

I stood leaning on the kitchen counter was drawn to look at the window in front of me 

and what i saw I couldn’t comprehend

A beautiful pink light filtering through the blinds

I stood mesmerized by its beauty, glancing at all the other windows

the same pink light was filtering there too

questioning if there was something wrong with my sight 

I asked why am I seeing pink light

the reply

” It is Angel showing you Love ”




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